About Diana


Diana E. Harrington

Interfaith Minister

LifeLine™ Practitioner &  Certified Advanced Soul Coach

Open for events and by appointment.

 Phone: (361) 790-6163

Email: DianaEHarrington@yahoo.com

The Soul Center at Magnolia House

Diana Harrington began holistic studies over 30 years ago due to chronic neck and back pain.  After many books, conferences, seminars,too many pills, and unsuccessful medical treatments, Diana found The LifeLine Technique™ to balance the mind, body, and spirit so that healing can take place naturally.  She became a Certified LifeLine™ Practitioner in 2007 and now shares the healing power of the balanced body with others facing pain, fear, and challenges.  In further studies, Diana attended The International Institute of Soul Coaching® where she certified in 2011 as a Certified Soul Coach and a Certified Past Life Regressionist.  She is one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise Linn has chosen to personally train in her specialized methods of coaching.   Diana is a 2010 graduate of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.  She and her husband Joe enjoy numerous pets, healthful eating, yoga, sharing books, and observing nature.  Diana is a happy, healthy holistic wellness practitioner assisting others, and living life beyond her fondest dreams.



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