The Soul Emporium

The Soul Center at Magnolia House has become The Soul Emporium!! We are now located at Courthouse Square in Goliad, Texas.  We are so grateful for the lovely energy and relationships developed and shared in the Rockport area and look forward to seeing you in Goliad.  Please visit this page to receive updates about the opening and events at our new location. 

 Infinite Love & Gratitude, 

When asked, “Why are there so many religions?” the Dalai Lama replied, “Why are there so many roads to San Francisco?” Though there are many faiths, we believe there is one Infinite Source of all things–one “God” known by many names.

We believe prayer and meditation are among the best ways to connect with this Source. We see this Source as pure, unconditional love and believe ourselves to be created in this image.

We gather to find insight and inner peace by: spending time in the presence of positive and like-minded people of all ages; connecting with the natural world; studying sacred and high-vibrational texts; mindful breathing and movement; journaling; varying methods of meditation and prayer; and all ways of opening a channel to the Divine.

“World peace through inner peace.”

— Darren Weissman, D.C.


Phone: (361) 405-2056